Musings on BlockChain

As many of you know, Blockchain is best known for being the underpinning technology behind Bitcoin. The Blockchain technology however has many use cases outside of Bitcoin, and even outside cryptocurrency. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt several technologies that we have taken for granted up until now. We shall cover some of these now. […] Read more.

Digital Transformation and the role of IoT

At any given point in time, most organizations are focused on multiple things. This also depends on the company’s maturity, industry/market trends, operational and tactical position well as their long-term strategic initiatives. Of late, during conversations with business leaders across industries, one common theme keeps recurring when it comes to organizational focus. Companies are ‘Going […] Read more.

Re-imagining Customer Experience with IoT

While human touch has its place in customer interactions, successful digital companies have combined digital innovation with no-touch or limited-touch experience for customers. Not all interactions with humans are actually valuable to customers. At points where people simply serve as a customer interface or a vehicle for customizing services, customers may find it more convenient […] Read more.

5 Critical Success Factors – IoT Platform Adoption

As we work with many enterprise customers, it’s becoming clear that there is significant confusion when it comes to selecting IoT platforms and vendors. The confusion exists because there are so many of them but, more importantly, the industry is still nascent and evolving. Although there are companies with vision that have already engaged in […] Read more.

How IoT compares to the Human Condition

IoT is a revolution currently playing out before our very eyes. Hollywood for a long time has imagined smart machines to have a human like form with a head, torso and limbs. But let us rethink this rather clichéd image of a smart machine aka robot to what we have currently. Networks: Sensors are plentiful […] Read more.

Where Cognitive Science Meets IoT

Cognitive Science, as a discipline, is fascinating in the sense that it tries to understand thinking and intelligence amongst other things. Engineers for the longest time have tried to quantify and codify human intelligence into a series of processes in the hopes of making intelligent devices. Enter the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) […] Read more.

Using Low Power WAN Networks with Energy Harvesting Sensors in IoT

Traditionally, when it comes to connecting to the Internet wirelessly, one has relied on a few major forms of connectivity: Cellular e.g. 3G/4G/LTE etc Satellite e.g. Dish, etc Wifi – on a more localized level albeit and it then connects to some wired source There have been other methods as well and many of them […] Read more.

Internet of Things and Drones

Drone technology and Internet of Things are two technologies shaping our generation.  We will address the interaction of these technologies and how corporations can take advantage of this. The Internet of Things consists of technologies that can make devices smart.  What we mean by smart is that devices such as thermostats, refrigerators sprinklers or cars […] Read more.

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence

Approximately 25 years ago, Artificial Intelligence or (AI) as we may know it, was very visible and highly recognized in the technology world. Although Artificial Intelligence was gaining traction, it reached a point where it started losing that momentum and eventually fizzled out. Over time, Artificial Intelligence made some adaptions and found a home in […] Read more.

IoT and the Transformation of the Web Browser

Back around 1995, the first web browsers were introduced and, since then, have become the integral part of every known device. There isn’t a significant difference between the web browser of 2015 versus 1995. For example: Bookmarking pages for later retrieval Running Java script – client side code Rendering HTML and web pages, including images […] Read more.