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5 Great Uses for Beacons in Retail

Created on May 19, 2015

Beacons are valued in the retail industry as a way to reach customers on their personal mobile devices as they browse the store. The technology allows businesses to increase engagement in new, interactive ways. Here are some methods for boosting engagement using beacons in retail.

1) Encourage Guests to Shop with a Special Promotion at The Door

Make customers feel welcome with a special promotion sent to their phones when they walk into or by the store. A unique coupon or free item with purchase is a good strategy for making the promotion extra-special. Coupons have been found to increase recipients’ happiness levels in general, which can only benefit your business.

2) Offer Additional Savings on Clearance Items

Help your guests make their decision in the Clearance section by pushing extra savings to their phone. Beacons can detect proximity, so when a customer is within close range of the beacon hidden within the Clearance section, a targeted message is pushed to their phone.

3) Tell Them a Story

Increase customer loyalty by offering them a glimpse into the history of your store, right from their smartphone. Give them access to unique information, not available anywhere else. Create a video or media-rich article and link them to it in a message through your beacons.

4) Grow Your List

A retail business is nothing without good communication with its customers. Your brand’s email marketing list is one of your most important assets. According to a recent global study, 85% of web-using individuals use email as well. Set up a beacon in your store to invite customers to sign up for your email list. You can even offer them a worthwhile coupon for signing up, sent to the customer in their first email and redeemable at the counter.

5) Provide Support for Customers

If you can, allow guests to connect with customer representatives virtually through their smartphone. Include a support contact method in the welcome message customers receive when they enter the store. This method could be a link to a chat function on a webpage or simply a request for a store attendant to seek out the customer to help in answering his/her questions.

Beacon technology is changing the way that retail businesses interact with consumers, and vice versa. There are many other applications of beacons in retail. The options are endless.

NetObjex provides a vendor-agnostic beacon ecosystem that does what no other system can do. Our solutions work with any beacon, whether our own devices or those from any other manufacturer. Additionally, no coding is necessary – just plug and play! If you do want more customization than our standard content delivery provides, then you can make use of our open APIs. Our content delivery solutions are marketing friendly with Big Data analytics built in and unlimited campaigns for one fixed monthly price.

NetObjex has also created the world’s first Beacon Search Engine, a valuable resource capable of searching across our entire database, like Google for beacons. Customers enjoy a frictionless experience with the free, intuitive NetObjex SmartBrowser app.

Our own inexpensive, versatile state-of-the-art beacons are ready for deployment. Utilize both our sensors and beacons for an unbeatable combination. We provide custom beacon enclosures, as well. Our flexible software and hardware ecosystem is future proof, so you can be sure that your beacon implementation is always up-to-date.

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