About NetObjex.

Excellent service & industry leading solutions development.

NetObjex helps bridge the gap of connecting the physical world to the virtual world. Our technologies enable the development of solutions that collect and gather valuable data in real time. They aid in decision making while providing a channel for engaging consumers by providing a platform for information dissemination.

Our mission is to provide enterprises and technology companies with the most comprehensive Digital Operating platform for smart devices. Our focus and goal is to provide our customers with excellent service, comprehensive end to end set of platforms for implementing Smart Products, and partner with our clients to develop industry leading solutions.

why choose netObjex

Time to market.

You can always choose to roll your own platform but that always takes more time and money than you think.  With compressed time frames in a world where technology evolves rapidly, you run the risk of being obsolescent by the time you build and deploy your solution. Our easy to setup, turnkey system with a low learning curve and rapid deployment will save you time, money and get your product off the ground in no time!

Soup to Nuts.

Our comprehensive platform extends from Edge devices to the Cloud and beyond (Distributed ledgers, Enterprise systems and more). This gives you a breadth of capabilities without having to do a lot of integration with multiple vendors. Solving difficult business problems needs a Comprehensive Toolset. All in a neatly engineered product where Product Design and Aesthetics meet Engineering and UI/UX standards that meet the most discriminating customer needs.​

Versatility is

…our Middle Name.  You need to select the NetObjex platform over the others is because it is head and shoulders ahead of the pack in terms of features and functionality you need to get the job done.  We combine IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies in a seamless manner that will enable you to build secure, robust, smart solutions your competition will envy. From launching ICOs to IoT projects, we have your covered in your Digital journey. 


In an age where software hacking is the norm and not the exception, the last thing you want is a solution that is susceptible to attacks.  NetObjex, being an end to end solution, enables one to have the peace of mind of 3 layer security.  First, we secure your edge devices through the use of Secure Element hardware.  Next, we encrypt all communications for a wide variety of commonly used protocols.  Finally, we store vital data in cryptographically secure distributed ledgers.  Peace of mind doesn’t have a price.

Look Ma, No Code!

The NetObjex Digital Twin Platform is turnkey. All you do is login, start defining your constructs via a simple point point & click web interface. You can be up and running in a matter of hours to days as opposed to months or years using other systems/frameworks. Add to this code generation of firmware for edge devices, you have a Rapid Application Development environment. For those who prefer to pilot their own course, we offer SDKs and APIs for maximum flexibility.​

Dashboards Ahoy​!

Analytics and dashboards provide the insights into any system. They summarize, synthesize and crystalize raw data into meaningful actionable information. The NetObjex Platform enables you to plug in dashboards easily with easy to use widgets to get you feature rich analytics your users will love. We support a plethora of datastores including ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Cassandra and SAP Data Hub. ​

Robust &​ Scalable​.

Our systems are robust and scalable. Our team has engineered solutions which serve large user bases with subsecond response times. We have a flexible Docker-ized solution that enables you to run our systems on any cloud platform or even on premise. Rugged & Robust. Engineered to scale.

Blockchain Aware​.

Blockchain awareness is a key differentiator in the NetObjex platform.  First, Blockchain provides a fabric for registering devices to enable device discovery, authentication and transaction.  Second, it enables secure software updates for systems involving edge devices.  Third, when data is acquired from secure edge devices, blockchain provides governance through a secure, immutable ledger.  These capabilities are not found in other Digital Twin platforms.

AI is the new Oil​​.

Artificial intelligence is the lifeblood of modern computing.  Coupling AI with IoT and Blockchain is pure genius.  That is what we have done in the NetObjex platform.  Use IoT for data acquisition in real time.  Use that data to drive machine learning.  Seek patterns and derive actions or insights.  Publish relevant events to blockchain to disseminate information to ecosystem partners.  AI is the new Oil and we are the engine to connect the brains of your system to its technical nervous system.

Future Proof.

The NetObjex Digital Twin Platform has advanced features that future proofs it against obsolescence.  First, it has a pluggable format for IDs for digital assets.  Second, it supports a distributed ledger interoperability layer to enable users to search, aggregate, copy and perform other operations between ledgers.  In a world that will most certainly be one of multiple heterogenous ledgers, this is functionality you cannot afford not to have.

Our Story.

NetObjex was founded by an eclectic group of individuals from multiple disciplines including software engineering, hardware engineering, product management, sales, and marketing.

Our diverse backgrounds coupled with broad knowledge of multiple domains e.g. Retail, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Financial Services and Healthcare, have enabled us to create platforms and solutions that meet the needs of consumers, enterprises and technology companies.

The NetObjex team has been in the IoT space for several years and has had many successful deployments both in North America and internationally. Our platforms are a reflection of the knowledge and experience gained from real-life large scale deployments.

Meet Our Team.

Raghu Bala

CEO, Director

NetObjex CEO Raghu Bala was previously an executive with Yahoo, Infospace, PwC, and with 3 successful startup exits. He also teaches MIT Sloan School of Business/Computer Science and AI Laboratory’s course on the Implications of artificial intelligence on Business Strategy. Mr. Bala was winner of 2016 Best Abstract in Best Wearable Medical Device category at the AI in Medicine conference, and in 1993 winner of the Best Thesis Award on Temporal Databases at the Hartford Graduate Center Conference.

He holds an MBA in Finance from Wharton MBA, an MS in Computer Science from RPI, has been a Columbia University Adjunct Lecturer, published author (Microsoft Press, Macmillan) and speaker at several major conferences including IoT Congress, Google IO, and more.

Source Interlink Media Aug 1, 2006 – Apr 30, 2014, CTO
Various Clients May 1 2014 – Jan 20 2017, Technical Consultant
NetObjex Inc, Jan 21 2017-Present, CEO

Priya Krishnamurthy

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Nambi Seshadri

Ex CTO of Broadcom
Advisor to NetObjex

Dr. Joachim Taiber

Automotive Industry Expert
Advisor to NetObjex

Paul Price

Corporate Counsel

Tung Hoang

IoT Architect

Duong Nguyen

Blockchain Architect

Hung Nguyen

Development Manager

Balaji Raghunathan

VP IoT Operations & Logistics

Francois Lindsay

Industrial Design Engineer for IoT Devices

Shy Meirovitch

IoT Hardware Design Engineer

Jayaram Bhat

Director of Systems Integration

Sam Ong

Director of Business Development Far East with Asia/Pacific

Harish Kamat

Director of Business Development South Asia

Flavio Calonge

Director of Business Development Latin America