Everyone has a right
to clean Air.

To meet Air Quality standards, it needs constant monitoring.  Monitoring helps in accountability, transparency, and ensuring everyone gets clean air. Our state-of-the-art Climate-Tech platform combine advanced IoT, AI and Blockchain technologies to get the job done right.

The biggest challenge the world faces today with the environment is the quality of air that we breathe.  This year’s International Day of Clean Air had the slogan ‘Healthy Air. Healthy Planet’.  While Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic, close to 483,000 Americans died due to particulate matter in the air.  The toll taken by air pollution is just on health but it affects the economy too.  The impact is felt in the livability & the competitiveness of a county, a city a state, and a country.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. Recent studies in offices and schools show that comfortable room temperatures, increased ventilation, and reduction of indoor pollution sources increase the performance of people. The results indicate an increase in productivity of 5-10 %. With more Americans vaccinated and offices opening up gradually, it’s important for Enterprises & government bodies to look at the overall health of not just their workers but constituents as well.

NetObjex has developed Air Quality Monitoring as a part of its Smart City Solution portfolio.  The Air Quality Monitoring solutions are built on three solid pillars:


Identify and monitor the parameters which matter to each environment


Understand how the air quality is affecting the health or productivity of occupants.


Control and maintain the devices which affect the air quality

Solution Overview

The solution not just looks at using devices to track & trace the source of the challenge but also helps monitor & control it too.

Smart Sensor

Analytics Dashboard

Smart Control Devices

Make businesses & public spaces safe again by monitoring the quality of air that is being breathed in by monitoring devices through AI & IoT. 

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