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Boost Staff Efficiency with Beacons

Created on May 19, 2015

Beacon technology has made a name for itself in retail by providing a new, effective means for retailers to engage with customers on their mobile phones. However, beacons have many more applications outside of retail marketing. Improving staff efficiency is an important application for beacon technology.

In an office or factory setting individual beacons can be placed at key areas to provide location-relevant information to employees as they come within range. Consider the following example, beacons can be placed close to or on pieces of machinery throughout a factory. Sensors in the equipment can push data to a server, which then updates the designated beacon’s transmitted information to reflect the current status of the process. Operators can review this information from a mobile device while walking the floor of the facility. In another example, beacons can be deployed throughout a warehouse next to appliances, vehicles, etc. whereby they transmit such things as instructions for use, error logs, safety requirements, a check out form or whatever else may be relevant.

Retailers, for example can utilize beacons to monitor the frequency and duration of staff interactions with customers. This information can prove useful for tracking sales conversion rates and customer service training. Retailers can also use beacons to transmit alerts to employees that action is necessary after an event takes place. One example of this might be periodic notifications to staff to check on a high-traffic area of the store and ensure that restocking or cleanup occurs if necessary. Beacons can also be used in that high-traffic area to measure the time it takes a staff member to carry out the necessary tasks. Retailers can deploy beacons throughout the store to measure how much time employees divide between the stock room and the sales floor. This information can then be used to inform managers on how to improve staff efficiency.

Many beacon solutions require that a company spend extra money on app development just to access beacon content. The NetObjex beacon solution is a Point & Click system where enterprises can easily leverage the power of beacon technology without expensive application development. The Netobjex system enables users to associate content with their beacons easily over web browsers. End users can then use the free Smart Browser mobile application for Android and iOS devices to access the content of any nearby beacon. In the examples above, employees can easily access crucial operations information without the expense of app development or licensing costs of a proprietary solution.

Beacons provide many opportunities for employee management as well. Any business can track staff attendance with the help of a beacon or two. Placing a beacon at each entrance will enable management to monitor when employees enter and leave the facility. The beacon will ping employees’ mobile devices as they pass by. The mobile device must have an app installed to connect with the beacon and transmit the information, acting as a timecard. Another option is to provide employee badges or dongles outfitted with a beacon that transmits the employee ID number to a receiver at the facility entrance, thus tracking arrival and departure without the need for staff to install an app on their mobile device.

Asset tracking can be streamlined with beacon technology. Beacons might as well have been made for tracking valuable assets. Affix a beacon to important items and the location of that asset can be constantly logged. The affixed beacon can also be used to measure other valuable metrics including the frequency of use, who is using the asset and when it is being used. This provides asset security as administrators can monitor who is handling assets and if they are improperly used or accessed.

Beacon technology enables businesses to gather critical operational data that when tied into an analytics platform can provide deep insights into staff efficiency and areas of improvement. The NetObjex Admin Panel provides users with powerful analytics on deployed beacon data. NetObjex provides the only open-source beacon registry, and paired with the NetObjex Admin Panel and Smart Browser, companies with budgets of any size can gain valuable insight leading to actionable plans for improved efficiency.

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