Impact of Blockchain technology in Logistics industry

The Logistics Industry is a key segment in several world economies, including that of the United States. Using a study from AT Kearney, it accounted for about 7.5% of GDP in 2016. The Logistics industry is made up of several subsegments including: Motor Carriers e.g. JB Hunt, Old Dominion Parcel Delivery e.g. Fed Ex, UPS […] Read more.

IoT – Blockchain Platform For Automotive And Manufacturing

Irvine, California-based NetObjex provides enterprises and technology companies with the most comprehensive IoT-Blockchain platform. Read more.

Netobjex presenting at Malaysian Blockchain event

Decentralising and distributing for data validation and management 24th – 25th January 2018 | GTower Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Read more.

NetObjex: Powering the Internet of Things

NetObjex is a Decentralized Digital Asset Management Platform that uses IoT and Blockchain Technologies. Read more.

Manufacturing Technology Insights: Deliverables

The evolution of products into smart, connected devices is significantly transforming the manufacturing sector. The digital transformation is completely refurbishing every activity in the manufacturing value chain from research and development, production, logistics, marketing and aftersales. Read more.


In this post, I wish to posit the idea that hyperlocality, franchising and the concept of distributed ledgers can be connected to create unique and interesting solutions for entrepreneurs. Hyperlocality Let’s imagine you operate a digital service that connects consumers and home owners to handymen and local contractors (your plumber, electrician, etc). These services are […] Read more.

Blockchain as a Design Pattern

There is a lot of noise about blockchain these days. People are mystified as to what it is and there is a lot of confusion. Well, that is understandable because it is truly a disruptive technology. Remember, back in 1995-2000 there was a lot of talk of the “information superhighway” and soon that phrase went […] Read more.

Ecosystem Computing

Periodically, I try and take a step back to observe patterns in the way in which information architectures evolve. Over the years, I have witnessed a number of such patterns including: Mainframe computing: A server centric computing model with dumb terminals as client devices. Client-server computing: A form of computing where most of the UI/UX […] Read more.

Musings on BlockChain

As many of you know, Blockchain is best known for being the underpinning technology behind Bitcoin. The Blockchain technology however has many use cases outside of Bitcoin, and even outside cryptocurrency. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt several technologies that we have taken for granted up until now. We shall cover some of these now. […] Read more.

How IoT compares to the Human Condition

IoT is a revolution currently playing out before our very eyes. Hollywood for a long time has imagined smart machines to have a human like form with a head, torso and limbs. But let us rethink this rather clichéd image of a smart machine aka robot to what we have currently. Networks: Sensors are plentiful […] Read more.