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Innovative And Technological Advancements Powered by NetObjex-Crowdfunding Campaign Of NetObjex

Created on December 6, 2018

In the near future, intelligent machines are likely to enhance human capabilities in a wide range of industry verticals. With this vision, organizations such as NetObjex that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Marketplace, and Blockchain are currently focusing on making lives of consumers easier and better.

NetObjex recently announced that it would be introducing its next big launch called PiQube at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 that will be held from 8 January 2019 – 11 January 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, United States.

Running on a state-of-the-art and secure security system, PiQube is a secure IoT-Blockchain gateway device that helps in identifying, authenticating, transacting, and communicating with a wide range of compatible devices across ownership and trust boundaries.

This revolutionary product is unique in its own true ways. PiQube assists blockchain developers to easily develop custom applications by eliminating a big majority of existing complications. Furthermore, PiQube will assist developers and entrepreneurs to reap the optimum advantages of interoperability with support for Hyperledger, IOTA, Stellar, NEM, Ethereum, and more. The device also demonstrates its efficacy to reduce the procedural complications that are routinely associated with multiple heterogeneous distributed ledgers. You can read more specifications of PiQube here.

The list of advantages associated with PiQube does not end here. Blockchain developers can use this device to easily and effectively communicate with a wide range of distributed ledgers by simply using a single Application programming interface and a common query language.

  • TagAuto.io: This highly successful and easy-to-use automobile tracking platform is admired globally for its unmatched services and advantages for industry segments like fleets and dealerships.
  • Clinitraq Smart Radiation Dosimeter:

    This revolutionary product, powered by NetObjex’s seamless and robust technology, was the proud winner of Best Wearable Device at the 2016 AI in Medicine Conference in Dana Point, California.

  • Bonafi.io: NetObjex took crypto tag technologies to a completely different level by launching this anti-counterfeit crypto tag technology that is used in high-end luxury retail.

No wonder, NetObjex has been one of the most admired and trusted names in the segments of IoT, Blockchain, and AI. This is also one of the reasons why its first StartEngine crowdfunding campaign was successful in raising its maximum goal of $107k in January 2018.

It has now brought out the second StartEngine crowdfunding campaign of NetObjex to raise $1,000,000. This crowdfunding campaign of NetObjex is aimed at identifying, exploring, creating maintaining, optimizing, and executing state-of-the-art IoT, AI, and Blockchain platforms, technologies, and functionalities to aid data-driven decision making powered by Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Blockchain.

Support the NetObjex crowdfunding campaign by visiting https://www.startengine.com/netobjexinc and learn more about PiQube at http://piqube.io/. You can contact NetObjex at 1 (855) 928-2283 or info@netobjex.com.

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