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About NetObjex:

NetObjex’s Matrix Digital Asset as-a Service (DAaaS) platform enables enterprises to manage digital assets by unlocking liquidity, detecting counterfeit goods, enabling monetization through storefronts and marketplaces, parameterizing legal contracts, and tracking/tracing/monitoring through digital twins.

Why NetObjex

NetObjex as a startup has always envisioned and been at the forefront of developing products with technologies such as Blockchain, IoT & AI. We have won several recognitions at various events from 2017 and as recent as Jan 2022, where NetApp conferred us the award as “Most Innovative Product”. We have been supported by global majors like Accenture, NTT Data, NetApp, and Frost Digital to name a few. In the Blockchain world, we are working very closely Algorand Foundation and several others since 2017. We were one of the first to demonstrate NFT in 2018 at a Swiss Hackathon on Energy Token Trading. NetObjex is currently venture-backed by Liberty City Venture, New York. We have raised a total of 6.3 Mn USD till date and are heading for Series A round this year.

NetObjex is an active member at globally-recognized associations like AIM-North America and Digital Twin Consortium. Our board of advisors has worked in past with Tesla, Apple, Broadcom, IBM, McKinsey, and Siemens. At NetObjex our team members are multicultural, multi linguistics and we believe in gender equality and offering equal employment opportunities.

About this role:

We are seeking a data architect who can apply his/her creativity and results-oriented critical thinking to meet complex challenges and develop new strategies for acquiring, analyzing, modeling, and storing data. A qualified candidate will be able to lead our company into the future by using the latest technology and information management methods to meet our requirements for effective logical data modeling, metadata management, and database warehouse implementations. As part of the job, the candidate will work with experts from a variety of industry areas including computer science and software development, department heads, and executives to integrate new technologies and improve system performance.


  • Implement and develop a strategic data strategy to support the organization’s overall goals
  • Serve as a key stakeholder for any new data initiatives, ensuring alignment to the enterprise-wide data strategy
  • Develop a framework for data integrity across all business operations (including ERP, CRM, BI, data warehouse, external interfaces, etc.)
  • Ensure alignment of the Data Architecture roadmap with the business and technology strategies.
  • Develop and maintain enterprise architecture artifacts such as Entity Relationship Models, Data dictionaries, and Taxonomies to facilitate data traceability
  • Oversee technical aspects of delivering business-driven solutions that adhere to enterprise architecture and data governance standards
  • Ensure that data security principles are incorporated into any data strategy
  • Contribute to the development of Data Governance practices and standards
  • Establish key performance indicators for data integration and quality
  • Work with third-party data suppliers to develop specifications that are compliant with Enterprise data architecture.


  • Extensive experience architecting and implementing BI platforms, data warehouses, data integration, and Oracle OLTP databases.
  • Extensive experience in any of the domains (Supply Chain, IOT, Media, Finance and e-Commerce).
  • Possess expertise in a variety of technologies and have the ability to consult on them.
  • Expert knowledge of data architecture in clouds as well as on-premise solutions.
  • Ability to interpret and analyze large volumes of data, people need strong analytical and numerical skills.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and best practices behind data engineering, and of supporting technologies such as RDBMS, NoSQL, caches & in-memory stores. Knowledge on Snowflake is an added advantage.
  • Expertise in implementing hybrid (cloud and on premise) data solutions.
  • Comprehensive understanding of data warehouses and data transformations (extract, transform, load) platforms and supporting technologies, and other analytics applications
  • Experience implementing data solutions
  • Strong analytical skills (logical, physical, semantic, and integration models), including normalization, OLAP / OLTP principles, and entity-relationship analysis
  • Strong understanding of enterprise data entities and how they correlate to business applications
  • Experience implementing compression, retrieval and storing of media data.
  • Mastery of horizontal data lineage from sources to destinations
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, confident approach, and ability to work in a team environment

NetObjex is an amazing place to work. At NetObjex we want you to succeed at all levels and we support each other without question. Learning is built into every role and we give you ample room to grow. We make sure everyone is heard, considered and respected. We have an inclusive, multicultural workplace that celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and brings together people with different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds to create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers amazing results. We do not discriminate our employees based on age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability or genetic information, pregnancy, protected veteran status and any other protected classification. In fact, we go into great lengths to ensure our applicants and employees are respected, treated fairly and with dignity. We comply to all applicable state and local laws and make sure non-discrimination in employment along with gender equality.

Job Type: Full time
Job Location: Currently WFH

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