Data Marketplace Architecture.

Data Marketplaces are 2-sided platforms that connect buyers and sellers of data. These buyers and sellers will be digital assets residing on distributed ledgers.

  • Application Layer

    The data from the marketplace would be used in Person to Machine or Machine to Machine applications.

    Application layer icon
  • Payment in Cryptocurrency

    Our Iotoken cryptocurrency is a token that is used as one of the forms of payment and optimized for IoT transactions.

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  • Data MarketplaceNetObjex Platform logo

    Data Pods on a map irrespective of ledger each exposing datasets for purchase at a price.

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    Weather data for Orange County, California for $1/month

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  • DLT InteroperabilityNetObjex Platform logo

    This layer uses an adapter to communicate with different ledgers by having native drivers to each ledger while exposing a common API across them. Our DQL™ (Distributed ledger Query Language) provides an interactive interface to various distributed ledgers. DQL supports the familiar SQL-92 like syntax to insert and query distributed ledgers.

    Interoperability illustration
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  • Data PodsNetObjex platform logo

    Each Data Pod resides on a distributed ledger.

    Layer 2 image
  • Distributed Ledgers

    This layer houses the distributed ledgers. It can consist of heterogenous ledgers (i.e. Ethereum, IOTA, Hyperledgers, etc), each with multiple nodes.

    Layer 1 image