DevOps Senior Engineer

About NetObjex:

NetObjex, The platform for NFT MarketPlace and Web3 Wallet. NetObjex Next Generation NFT Marketplace Platform provides enterprises to create their marketplace and host events in the metaverse. NFT marketplaces are platforms where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, and in some cases minted (created). Web3 wallets are essentially digital wallets. As such, they have the ability to store digital assets. This includes everything from fungible to non-fungible (NFTs) tokens. A Web3 wallet also opens the door to the crypto realm, allowing you to interact with dApps on various blockchains. In turn, wallets help you access an extensive ecosystem of dApps.

About this role:

Are you a passionate DevOps Engineer with deep technical know-how and hands-on experience implementing various practices and tools in the DevOps toolchain Are you interested in promoting the DevOps culture in our organizations.
We are seeking a DevOps Senior Engineer who can apply his/her creativity and results-oriented critical thinking to meet complex challenges and develop new strategies. And is responsible for creating software deployment strategies that are essential for the successful deployment of software in the work environment. As part of the job, the candidate will work with experts from a variety of industry areas including computer science and software development, department heads, and executives to integrate new technologies and improve system performance.

  • A technology Professional who understands software development and can solve IT Operational & Deployment challenges using software engineering tools and processes. This position requires an understanding of both Software development (Dev) & Deployment Operations (Ops)
  • Identity manual processes and automate them using various DevOps automation tools
  • Maintain the organization’s growing cloud infrastructure
  • Monitor and maintain DevOps environment stability
  • Collaborate with distributed Agile teams to define technical requirements and resolve technical design issues
  • Orchestrating builds and test setups using Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Participate in designing and building Kubernetes, Cloud, and on-prem environments for maximum performance, reliability, and scalability
  • Share business and technical learnings with the broader engineering and product organization, while adapting approaches for different audiences
  • Candidates working for this position should possess at least 5 years of work experience as a DevOps Engineer.
  • The candidate should have experience in ELK stak.
  • Solid experience in AWS environment.
  • Should have experiences in monitoring tools like DataDog or Newrelic.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience with code repository management, code merge, and quality checks, continuous integration, and automated deployment & management using tools like Jenkins, SVN, Git, Sonar, and Selenium.
  • Candidates must possess ample knowledge and experience in system automation,
    deployment, and implementation.
  • Candidates must possess experience in using Linux, Jenkins, and ample experience in
    configuring and automating the monitoring tools.
  • The candidates should also possess experience in the software development process and
    tools and languages like SaaS, Python, Java, MongoDB, Shell scripting, Python, PostgreSQL, and Git.
  • Candidates should demonstrate knowledge in handling distributed data systems. Examples: Elastisearch, Cassandra, Hadoop, and others.
  • Should have experience in GitLab- CI

NetObjex is an amazing place to work. At NetObjex we want you to succeed at all levels and we support each other without question. Learning is built into every role and we give you ample room to grow. We make sure everyone is heard, considered, and respected. We have an inclusive, multicultural workplace that celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and brings together people with different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds to create a stronger and more creative work environment that delivers amazing results. We do not discriminate our employees based on age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, disability or genetic information, pregnancy, protected veteran status, and any other protected classification. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure our applicants and employees are respected, treated fairly and with dignity. We comply with all applicable state and local laws and make sure non-discrimination in employment along with gender equality.

Job Type: Full time
Job Location: Hybrid - Bengaluru