Cloud Platform   


Point & Click Admin Panel

We offer a powerful method to easily manage your fleet of devices through our IoT Content Management solution. We are device agnostic and one can purchase hardware from us or other entities and use our platform.

Campaign Manager

Our system comes with industry leading campaign management capabilities. One can associate content – text, images, URLs, social media content and more to your beacons to engage consumers.

Device Registry

The Device Registry is a key component of the netObjex cloud platform. One registers all devices – beacons, sensors and more in the Registry. The Registry supports different addressing schemes to identify devices. It also serves as a system of record for netObjex’s IoT Search Engine.

Big Data / Analytics

Our platforms are used in collecting real time data through various sensors. This data is stored in the cloud, sliced/diced/analyzed to trigger real time action in enterprise systems, and or provide relevant reports and dashboards.