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Fundraising and Internet of Things

Fundraising and Internet of Things Created on October 6, 2015

IoT is growing fast in the technology world. The solutions potentially derived from smart devices is limitless. Let’s discuss solutions supporting non-profits, charities and fundraising opportunities.

For example – a church, a university, or even a library. They often attract allot of people and rely on them to fund the organization. How can they be solicited? The usual methods include special events, web page for donations, or fundraiser events with entertainers and sell tickets to name a few.

Let us see how Internet of Things fits in. First, IoT converts unintelligent devices to smart devices. With NetObjex Platforms, IoT solutions can be integrated with mobile charging systems. Using the PowerObjex – NetObjex’s smart charging platform, people can use touch screen monitors. As a person approaches the charging station, the library or church can offer a choice of how to engage them. One way is to use a short 30 second video, and then utilize a soft technique highlighting the goals or objectives for their funding needs. This is a great time to ask the patron, who needs a phone charge, if they wish to donate for a cause.

Our lives are consumed with mobile phone usage and people carry them everywhere including churches or libraries. Both places usually don’t allow phones and patron need to be quiet, thus becoming ideal times to charge their phone.

This solution can be quite appropriate in the fundraising world because the organization is not seeking an actual handout. It’s a request for a donation in return for charging one’s mobile phone. This is possible using technology that is criteria/command driven and can turn the power on /off as needed. The power can be managed based on a financial amount per minute for the phone charge. However, this approach can be considered a ransom by some so it can be a sensitive topic. This solution illustrates how using IoT technology powered by companies like NetObjex offers a plethora of use cases that can benefit both in the private and public sectors.

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