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How Artificial Intelligence Can Drive User Experience?

Created on December 5, 2018

Artificial intelligence – it’s everywhere! However, it is still somehow one of the most misunderstood or the least understood aspects, especially when it comes to driving user experience on the web. If we have to find out more information about this, we can simply perform a Google Search.

It is simply because of one thing: The search engine giant collects a wide range of data all the time. This data pertains to every minute fact and information that you search for and also when and why. This exhaustive and round-the-clock information and interpretation of information is precisely and carefully analyzed to drive your experience every time a Google Search is performed by you.

Sergey Ross, the author of Attack Career program, wrote in an article titled, “Google Will Beat Apple at its Own Game with Better AI” that the reason has nothing much to do with hardware. Ross explained that the company culture of Apple is to be blamed for this debacle. Apple has long been known to safeguard privacy, which is actually a stance that suggests it collects and stores less of customer data.

On the other hand, Google has brought a completely different perspective to the table. The search engine giant bets heavily on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, combined with their own hardware and software. This was confirmed by Google CEO Sundar Pichai at the October 4th keynote opening in the year 2017.

As a result, Apple has undoubtedly fallen way behind Google and even Facebook as far as personalization is concerned. Facebook and Google software continuously learn and adapt to the point that Google Calendar can quickly switch between a daily and weekly view on an automatic basis, considering user behavior and the time of day, and will find out how to treat the appointment of a doctor different than the commute reminder or the daily alarm.

So how exactly Artificial Intelligence work in tandem with user experience? The answer is actually quite simple: AI combines with software, hardware, and human interaction for not just producing a personalized experience such as Google Search, but also one that is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Here are some ways Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the landscape:

Behind the Scenes of Search engine optimization

Ever wondered, why do we still require humans if Artificial Intelligence is so great? Simply put, AI can surely collect and use data for interpreting and predicting human user behavior but it still requires human beings to communicate the requirements and expectations of the customer and feed AI with the right set of information into the algorithms.

This is especially true when it comes to Search engine optimization. Every online user is looking out for an answer to a specific query or searching for specific information. However, it is a complicated process to structure websites to provide answers to more than one of those queries in ways that both the online user and Google will find satisfying and valuable.

Artificial intelligence excels in taking the data that is provided by humans. It can accurately, precisely, and thoroughly crunch even the most complex of numbers, data, and sets of information and then come up with concrete solutions. But this is something that is left to its own devices.

Artificial intelligence can come with ideal websites and all of them may appear similar and yet respond differently to different user inputs accordingly. A provider of professional and customizable SEO services will analyze and interpret your website and make comparisons with that of competitors, and find out a wide range of ways in which your website can perform better, and identify ways to help you find out from where your website visitors are entering your content funnel.

Artificial intelligence is just a tool in the collection and analysis of that data — something that it can perform in a faster and better than a human operator. Not only this, AI can help a website respond efficiently and effectively to visitors on a real-time basis, according to the established parameters.

The balance between privacy and personalization

At the start of this article, we talked about Apple will get beaten by Google at its own game with better personalization and artificial intelligence. To a certain extent, it may be the underlying truth. However, the recent implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and growing concerns of consumers over data privacy has brought a significant majority of consumers to the direction of Apple. Believe it or not, Apple has a large following just because of its stringent privacy policies. There is absolutely no denying the fact that users require and cherish great and personalized user experiences but there is a line where the concept of personalization may turn almost creepy.

Creating and nurturing the right balance between offering a personalized and excellent web experience and still emphasizing on user privacy is a delicate concept. This is something that every SEO company or web designer should be concerned with as far as the use and implementation of artificial intelligence.

The more Artificial intelligence feasts on data, the more it learns about influencers, recent behavior, interests, relationships, frequent searchers, purchasing patterns, and more. This data will drive the experience of users, and how far we allow it to drive is entirely up to us.

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