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How Can Your Manufacturing Company Prepare For Industry 4.0?

Created on December 16, 2018

If you have been reading articles and blogs from industry pundits lately, you may have noticed one phrase is thrown every now and then — Industry 4.0 or the FourthIndustrial Revolution. Although there is still a bit of time before we can refer to it as a full-fledged “Industrial Revolution” like the previous three revolutions, Industry 4.0 is still taking the entire industry by storm.

What Exactly Is Industry 4.0?

The Industry 4.0 is fueled by more efficient and interconnected digital technologies such as connected devices to the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, remote computing, and cloud computing to name a few.

Itis worthwhile to note here that no single platform or technology on its ownfuels the movement. Industry 4.0 is more of a collective and synchronizedapproach to the concept of modern and innovative digital transformation. All component technologies of Industry 4.0 in a seamlessly synchronized way transform nearly every sector and industry, including but not limited to manufacturing, energy, medical, healthcare, and retail.

How To Smartly Prepare For The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0?

Step one for organizations is obviously all about coming with a carefully formulated adoption strategy or plan.

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Let us now move on to different ways by which you can prepare your manufacturing company for Industry 4.0.

Emphasizes on enhancing progress

The primary and ultimate goal of adopting modern systems is to identify and make the best use of a thoroughly efficient and probably an autonomous process that has the ability to minimize production costs, maximize operational efficiencies, enhance workplace productivity, and reduce functional deficiencies. The focus of your manufacturing organization should be on end-to-end improvements that will further translate to shape internal collaboration. This means you may have to invest in process automation, education and training, and related hardware.

Formulate, implement, test, revise, and repeat

Industry 4.0 is almost knocking at the doors. Therefore, it is essential that you start early but carefully. The compatible functions, technologies, and processes will take time to get formulated and executed but they will surely prepare your organization for Industry 4.0. Most importantly, you should not be afraid of looking at the alternatives just in case something doesn’t work. You mustremain reliable and agile as a manufacturer while paying close attention toefficiency. In the meanwhile, you should also look out for enhancements andlock them down.

Trial and test prior to buying

 Many product manufacturers and service providers will offer a trial or grace period whereupon you can make use of their products, services, systems, or technologies to find out if they work for you. It does make sense to give something a try before putting the dollars out for a purchase. One of the biggest and most important things for you to remember at all times is that adherence to rigorous planning, testing, and execution before you roll out the use of a new application, software tool, hardware, or system on an official basis. In short, you should put it through different environments at different paces to ensure that the solution works seamlessly and perfectly for your process and organization.

Enhance organization and information management

One of the best ways to emerge successful with Industry 4.0 is to have an easy-to-use and robust document management system. This system should help you stay more organized and informed while keeping a close vigil on different forms of data and information about the processes, sub-processes, functionalities, and technologies at your workplace. All employees of the organization, irrespective of their designation and hierarchy level, must have access to and skills with accountability, reporting, and monitoring. This will facilitate and promote greater transparency across the organization and push your organization to unprecedented enhancements and efficiencies.

Understand requirements of end consumers

Thereis no denying the fact that the processes of manufacturing, production, development, and fulfilment are all means to an end. The primary and ultimateobjective for a profit-oriented organization is to deliver a product or servicethat is worthy to the end consumers. Of course, it involves knowing who yourconsumers are and what exactly they want. As an organization, you just cannot afford to lose sight of this at any point of time!

The rollouts associated with the technological infrastructure of the platforms and services of Industry 4.0 are somewhat still in their infancy. However, this does not mean that you should delay or avoid implementing them. In fact, this is exactly the time to get involved, shed all fears, and help shape the future of the industry.

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