IoT Solutions   


Data Collection & Analytics

Our platforms have been deployed in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Retail, Libraries, Transportation and more to help business users arrive at incisive decisions in real time. For instance, a user’s experience in the physical world of IoT and their profile in social media can be linked in a plethora of ways to derive valuable insights.


We are the conduit to one of the hottest topics of our time – the connection of the physical world to the virtual world. The two are disconnected in many ways, and now they can impact each other. Advertising is one such area which is ripe for such a disruption. For instance, if a consumer views a billboard ad in their real life, then the same ad can be retargeted on their mobile phone via our platforms.

Asset Tracking

Customized asset tracking solutions using RFID, GPS and other such technologies have been around for some time. What has changed is the fact that the asset tracking is now Active and Real Time in nature. Through our IoT systems, one can react in real time when assets go missing or trigger an action e.g. call the police department almost immediately.

Consumer Engagement

NetObjex IoT platforms are used for data collection in a variety of applications. For example, in Retail, our sensors can identify what items were considered for purchase by a consumer but not purchased. This could lead to better pricing, merchandising, placement and other decisions.

Real Time Failure-Detection

Imagine being stuck in an elevator in a high-rise and trying to get help. This could be a hair raising experience. Our IoT platforms can sense failures in real time and by using our Enterprise gateway solutions – we can generate alerts that immediately respond to mission critical situations.

Safety & Prevention

There is no price one can place on the life and safety of a loved one. IoT solutions from netObjex can help. Our cutting edge devices, apps and systems enable real time detection of safety issues that enable one to take immediate action. For example, babies left in car seats on a hot day – This can be prevented if parents were alerted in time. Prevention is always better than cure.

Beacons & Sensors

We have a comprehensive solution for fleet and campaign management for beacons and sensors. Run multiple campaigns, segment your fleet of devices, collect data, generate insightful analytics, and link into your legacy enterprise systems using our platform.


We are at the precipice of a new age of drones. Drones offer unlimited potential in helping reinvent the way we work, conduct surveillance, project manage, transport goods and lots more. NetObjex is in the middle of this transformation with its leading IoT platform that enables enterprises to utilize the power of drones in their business applications and systems.

Real Time Location

Location and positioning is a key component of IoT as it relates to devices that are on the move. We have a comprehensive solution that utilizes GPS, Wifi, UWB, and soon (LoraWan & SigFox) in order to track your assets. Our view is Location tracking has to be tailored to your goals and our holistic approach enables one to extend tracking from small confined spaces to the outdoors and even moving vehicles.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has gained popularity in gaming. We believe this is just the beginning. The enterprise uses for VR are numerous and we are rolling out Enterprise and Carrier grade solutions through our platform that enable you to fully utilize the capabilities of these devices in your business applications..