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IoT Use Cases In The Age Of Industry 4.0

Created on December 20, 2018

If you are in the business of creating, servicing, or operating things you may have seen hundreds, thousands, billions, and even trillion of reports that describe the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) use cases on businesses in this age of Industry 4.0.

We need to shift our focus from this barrage of reports so that we can identify  IoT use cases that can help you transform processes of your business and create strategic differentiation.

At NetObjex, we agree that the Internet of Thing is indeed transformative. This is the primary reason that we came up with the NetObjex Matrix Digital TwinPlatform and PiQube — the world’s first purpose-built IoT Platform. Using these products, you can easily and smartly analyze data, quickly create applications, securely connect smart things, enhance operational efficiencies, and ultimately transform your business.

When you choose the NetObjex Matrix Digital Twin Platform and PiQube, you get complete and uninterrupted access to end-to-end IoT capabilities. From machine learning to smart connectivity, and from augmented reality to real-time operational dashboards –you get the flexibility of operating on-premise in the Cloud and at the Edge. We all know that IoT success depends greatly on delivering critical solutions in the near term, and not in some faraway distant quarter.

Let us find out with some IoT UseCases on how the NetObjex Matrix Digital Twin Platform and PiQube can help transform your business in the era of Industry 4.0.

IoT Use Cases For Manufacturing And Operations

Supply Chain Management And Optimization

The IoT platform offered by NetObjex can offer easy and simplified access to supply chain information on a real-time basis. This is done by accurately and precisely tracking equipment, materials, and products as they move through the supply chain. Industry 4.0 solutions provided by NetObjex give greater control, insight, and data visibility to your organization across the entire supply chain.

Effective and accurate reporting helps you collect and feed critical delivery information into product lifecycle management, enterprise resource planning, and other systems. This helps in tracing material flow, interdependencies, and manufacturing cycle times. Access to this data will help you reduce inventory, predict issues, and minimize capital requirements.

Digital/Connected Factory

By leveraging these smart supply chain management capabilities, you can deliver innovative and better products and services to the market cheaper, faster, and with enhanced quality to gain a distinct advantage over competitors.

IoT-enabled devices such as PiQube can be used for transmitting operational information to vendors and partners such as equipment manufacturers and field engineers. This will assist factory heads and operation managers remotely and effectively manage units of the factory and reap the advantages of process optimization and automation. Moreover, a better line of commands can be identified using theNetObjex Matrix Digital Twin Platform to accurately identify key performance indicators and key result areas for managers.

Asset Tracking And Optimization

Industry 4.0 solutions from NetObjex through PiQube and the NetObjex Matrix Digital Twin Platform help manufacturers become more efficient and profitable at each stage of the supply chain. This helps them keep a close check on quality, inventory, and optimization opportunities associated with logistics. Furthermore, the employees of your organization with IoT in place can reap the advantages of better visibility into their assets globally. Also, tasks related to standard asset managementsuch as disposals, asset transfers, adjustments, and reclassifications can beeasily managed centrally and streamlined in real time.

Predictive Analytics/Maintenance

Custom applications created through PiQube can be used to give manufacturers the ability to accurately predict when potential issues are likely to happen, before they actually happen. Preventive maintenance without IoT systems in the right place at a factory happens based on time or routine. In short, it is a manual task. This concept changes entirely and for the better with IoT systems in place as preventive maintenance gets much more streamlined and automated.

The systems in place can be used for sensing when issues are arising or what are the ideal times to fix the machinery. This can help your organization becomemore empowered than ever before these issues become bigger problems. This form of analytics will help you change your organizational approach from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance.

Production Flow Monitoring

Custom applications created through NetObjex Industry 4.0 powered solutions can be used to monitor the production lines, starting from the process of refining to the process of final product packaging. This entire monitoring of the process almost on a real-time basisoffers great scope for recommending operations’ adjustments for efficientmanagement of the operational costs. Furthermore, lags in production arehighlighted by strict monitoring that helps in eliminating unnecessary work inprogress inventory and wastes.

Unified KPIs

Organizations, through this use case, can easily engage in the aggregation and contextualization of data from isolated manufacturing assets and systems into actionable mobile and web applications. These apps will be used for offering clearly-defined role-based views into key indicators while also facilitating drill-down into correlated data for diagnosing problems in an efficient and easy way.

Facility Management

Condition-based maintenance alerts can be enabled by the use of IoT sensors in manufacturing equipment. You can make use of a wide range of critical machine tools to function within specific vibration and temperature ranges. IoT-powered sensors can be used for monitoring machines and sending specific alert messages whenever there is a deviation noticed from the prescribed parameters. You, as a manufacturer, can save energy, enhance operational efficiency, and eliminate machine downtime by ensuring that there is a definitive working environment for machinery.

Want to know more about different UseCases for which Industry 4.0 solutions are provided by NetObjex? Get more insights on the NetObjex Matrix Digital Twin Platform and PiQube. Call us at 1(855) 928-2283 now!

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