Safeguard the health and wellness of your most precious resource-Human Capital, with Covid PreAuth. A HIPAA certified Covid health passport app

While Covid-19 may seem as though it is yesterday’s news, new variants of the Covid-19 virus are being reported by the WHO, and it is important for enterprises to adopt technologies that can help us track, trace & monitor the spread of this plague, in order to stay open.

While some industries are migrating to a hybrid model of work, other segments such as warehousing, hospitality, manufacturing, food processing, and others require workers to be physically present at the job site. In these cases, enterprises are faced with the daunting challenge of ensuring workplace health and safety.


COVID PreAuth by NetObjex enables enterprises to create a safe, healthy, and operational work environment. Our comprehensive three-pronged solution includes:

  1. Daily Self-Assessment
  2. Optional Vaccination Tracking
  3. Optional Contact Tracing

This easy to use web-based solution supports multiple languages, and works on all mobile phone models.

Here is how it works:

Stage 1 – Daily Assessment: An employee takes the self-assessment on a daily basis to ensure that they are not infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Stage 2 – Covid PreAuth Passport: Employees take a Covid-19 test and lab results are uploaded to our platform. A Health Passport in the mobile app with a QR Code indicates the health of the user.

Green Check mark indicates the user is OK to enter the workplace

Red Cross sign indicates the user is Unwell to enter the workplace

The QR Code generated by the app based on the above information is used at the entry point of the office campus to allow or deny access.

Stage 3 : – Contact Tracing: An optional Contact Tracing solution requires users of the system to wear an electronic band. This band is aware of International social distancing norms and tracks the proximity of one employee with another. If an employee comes down with Covid-19 or any other ailment, all parties who had interactions with that person are informed and requested to get tested. This contains the spread of illness and contributes to the health safety in the workplace.

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Covid PreAuth is a HIPAA compliant technology with strong safety measures for Personally Identifiable information. Administrators have access to an Admin Portal to monitor the status of all employees at any given point in time, and with access to real-time analytics.
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