Manufacturing Smart Connected Products

Smart, connected products will have a dramatic impact on value chains going forward. Imagine the possibilities when a product starts communicating with its creators in engineering or on the manufacturing floor. What if such technology informs sales and marketing departments about what the customer is thinking?

In a smart, connected world, manufacturers face 10 New Strategic Decisions

Manufacturing goes beyond production of a physical object. While we have known about and read the 1st, 2nd & 3rd industrial revolution, its time to revisit the concept of manufacturing but keeping in mind the changes brought in by the Internet & IoT.

This white paper will answer some of the questions that you have :

  • Is the customer getting value out of the product?
  • What’s the degree of utilization?
  • What kind of problems are customers having?
  • What are the opportunities for upsell?

When are customers going to need a replacement product, a consumable? This white paper explores, whether you are manufacturing a product for an enterprise consumption or for end consumer, converting your product into a smart connected product will have game changing effect on your company.

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