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If you have an idea for a smart product, talk to us. We work with companies to either make their existing products smart or build smart products from scratch.

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Smart Kiosks

We manufacture smart kiosks which are equipped with sensors, microcontrollers, touch panels with internet connectivity through LoRA, Sigfox, 3G, 4G, Ethernet, Wifi and more.

These kiosks provide customer engagement experiences and data collections capabilities that make them invaluable smart devices. Data collected can be merged with third party data sets.

Smart Packaging

Our smart packaging solutions combine electronic, chemical and/or bio sensors to help detect quantity, temperature, spoilage and other properties of products. Our solutions meet rigorous standards for industrial-strength packaging enabling tracking, traceability, quality assurance applications.

All solutions come standard with cloud and mobile integration, along with the facility for Big Data analytics and integration into supply chain systems.

Smart packaging graphical illustration
Legal contract in a tablet

Smart Legal Contracts

Legal contracts have been on paper and never enforced using electronic means. With the advent of IoT and Blockchain technologies, NetObjex is reinventing the arena of legal contracts.

With IoT, soft and hard assets can now be monitored using our real-time agents and anomalies/downtimes recorded through a blockchain and contractual terms enforced by our smart contracts.

Smart Medical Devices

Smart Medical devices are here and Netobjex is leading the charge with our connected medical devices. Our devices combine real-time data collections with precise sensors to enable doctors and healthcare practitioners to obtain real-time feedback. The result is a safer medical facility, better patient care, lower insurance exposure, and more

Smart medical device
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Smart Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chains – inventory management, logistics, and transportation can now benefit from our leading-edge IoT solutions that improve tracking, offer better traceability, lower slippage, and reduce fraud. Our unique combination of IoT and Blockchain makes this possible. We offer integration options that leverage your existing IT investments in the ERP system.


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