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Developing Smart Products requires a sophisticated, yet easy to use and flexible operating environment in mind. The NetObjex platform has been built with these core tenets in mind. You will find our platform to be a rapid development and deployment platform where you can plug and play and be up and running within hours to days.
​The NetObjex Platform is feature rich enabling you to get up and running in no time. The learning curve is short, and your time to market fast. The system is flexible with your choice of big data repositories, ability to select among a choice of distributed ledgers, and support for pluggable identity management. In addition, we have a tokenization capability for those interested in integrating cryptocurrency into their systems.
AI Robot

Artificial Intelligence.

Accelerate the development of your AI solutions with high-level services.


Artificial Intelligence is the new oil, according to industry experts. Just as oil had a profound impact in the previous industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 augurs in an era of machines and systems capable of perception and computation. The culmination of this revolution is the holy grail of Computer Science – machines with reasoning capabilities. Enterprises with the objective of digital transformation can take measured steps in retooling their organizations by implementing these new AI technologies. NetObjex is here to help you take that next step.


The Process.

Once data is gathered, the next one may need to message the data to convert it into a form that is ingestible by AI models. For instance, something as simple as an address may need to the split into its constituent parts of street number, street name, city, state, zip and country. Such cleansing activities occur at this stage.
Once data is gathered, the next one may need to message the data to convert it into a form that is ingestible by AI models. For instance, something as simple as an address may need to the split into its constituent parts of street number, street name, city, state, zip and country. Such cleansing activities occur at this stage.
In Machine Learning, one trains a system to look for patterns. That training process often involves one exposing the models selected from the previous step to typical training data that the system would most likely encounter in everyday use. The better the training data, the better the outcomes that can be predicted through Machine Learning when it comes to real-world scenarios.
Evaluation or Testing involves running various typical data sets against the machine learning models to observe the outcomes predicted. If the outcomes are not accurate, then one may need to feed better training data or tweak the models. This is an iterative process to ensure that in real-life scenarios the predictions made by the AI system are accurate.
Hyperparameters can be thought of as settings that govern the training process itself. So, for instance, in a deep neural network (one of your Machine Learning tools) is a hyperparameter that indicates the number of hidden layers of nodes to use. The process by which these parameters can be adjusted over time by measuring the accuracy of predictions is called hyperparameter tuning.
The ultimate objective of Machine Learning systems is to make predictions. These predictions should not be thought of as end-point but rather as a step in a continuous process. By this, we mean that the predictions serve as a feedback loop to the other layers to help improve future predictions.

The Implementation.

AI Implementation Process

Here we illustrate the general flow chart of machine learning. The order of events and how data flows between the various stages is depicted.

Many processes are iterative and act as feedback loops to another process. Hence the term “learning” as the system learns from mistakes and improves its predictions over time.


Internet of Things Services.

Carefully planned strategy. Top-quality services.

As the number of connected devices grows and expected to reach 20 billion by 2020, a new connected economy is clearly emerging.

  • Multi-Device Management
    NetObjex offers the industry’s most comprehensive Interoperable & Integrated IoT Platform for Enterprise IoT space. The NetObjex platform is capable of not only scaling & managing millions of devices securely but also effectively defining and modeling 1000s of device types which makes NetObjex clearly standout amongst the IoT Platforms. Contact Us
  • Integrations (Cloud & Others)
    IoT solutions encompass several enterprise systems that are on-cloud and on-premise. NetObjex delivers end-to-end solutions that incorporate integrations with all of the necessary components so that asset data reaches all necessary touchpoints, enabling businesses to use their data right away. Contact Us
  • 80% Out-Of-Box
    We can assist Enterprises solve 80% of their IoT development utilizing services that come out of the box from our cloud platform. This accelerates development significantly thereby improving Time to Market and lowering TCO. Our Rules Engine, Device management, Enterprise Integration, Messaging, Payload Management, Analytics Dashboard are some of the dozens of rich features available on our IoT platform. Contact Us
  • 20% Last Mile Development
    The last mile of IoT is unique to each domain involving a variety of different devices including sensors, beacons, gateways, actuators, controllers and more. Quite often multiple protocols for communications are involved. We are familiar with fog computing, firmware development, mobile development, multiple communication protocols (LoRA, UWB, Zigbee, Zwave, SigFox, Ingenue, and more) to ensure our customers have a complete end to end IoT Solution. Contact Us
  • Key Activities – Value-Add Services
    NetObjex offers value-add services through our deep human and machine learning.. Our detailed historical analysis (Descriptive), Predictive analytics (such as projected outcome) & Prescriptive analytics (such as next best action) enable customers to drive towards desired outcomes. Contact Us
  • Continuous Evolution
    We work with our customers to ensure their IoT investments create continuous business value for the long haul. To this end, we provide ongoing Operational Support, evolve the Product Roadmap periodically, and Analyze results to create a feedback loop to generate further value. Contact Us

NetObjex transforms companies by delivering dynamic value stream to thrive in the connected economy from harnessing the interactions between devices, systems, data & people.

Once an IoT Strategy is in place and an IoT Use Case is identified and approved for deployment, we collaborate very closely with our customers to co-innovate the final IoT solution that delivers the highest business value leveraging NetObjex platform and resources.

High-level capabilities of the NetObjex platform that are delivered out-of-box include:

  • Ability to generate New Revenue Streams
  • Achieve Lean Operational Efficiencies
  • Strong Competitive Positioning
  • Sticky Brand Loyalty
  • Measured Risk Reduction
  • Streamlined Regulatory Compliance
  • Optimized People, Processes, Workplace
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Impactful Customer Experience

Blockchain Services.

Carefully planned strategy. Top quality services.

Blockchain is a game-changing technology that enables enterprises to share data securely with ecosystem partners, while utilizing smart contracts to enforce business rules and legal covenants.

  • Advisory and Training
    We advise clients on Blockchain strategies.  What to decentralize, whether or not to tokenize, build a protocol or operate on  existing protocols, selecting distributed ledgers, and more.  We also offer tailored training for enterprises that suits their specific needs in relation to blockchain  technologies. Contact Us
  • Distributed Apps
    Dapps are blockchain enabled websites that utilize smart contracts to connect to a blockchain. We construct Dapps for enterprises in order for them to utilize blockchain technology in their existing systems. Contact Us
  • Permissioned Blockchains
    We develop Permissioned blockchains for our enterprise clients in order to share information with their ecosystem partners. In a permissioned blockchain, only a restricted set of users have the rights to validate the block transactions. A permissioned blockchain may also restrict access to approved actors who can create smart contracts. Contact Us
  • ICO Development
    We help our client launch their ICOs by providing them a secure, stable, and proven framework.  Our services include Whitepaper Development/Review, Token Development, Token Site, CMS/Dashboard, and more.  We work with several technology platforms and distributed ledger technologies including Ethereum, NEM, IOTA, Hyperledger, IPFS, UPort, and more. Contact Us
  • Protocol Development
    The nirvana of Blockchain technology is the construction of a protocol to create a modicum of communication and consensus between nodes in a distributed ledger in a permissioned or public network. Contact Us
  • Node Management​
    Operating nodes in decentralized networks is a service we provide to our blockchain clients.  This may involve a proof of concept network for a small installation, or a farm of nodes for a large installation. Contact Us

Blockchain is a complex technology that involves a mix of various technologies. NetObjex is an expert in blockchain technologies with experience in implementing solutions in leading platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger and other. Our NetObjex IoT-Blockchain enablement platform helps enterprises derive maximum benefit from Blockchain by implementing pre and post processors. Our platform when coupled with smart contracts brings about a rich set of capabilities previously unimaginable.

NetObjex helps enterprises develop strategies that involve blockchain and other related technologies (eg. IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data) to enable our clients gain measurable and defensible competitive advantage. We work with our clients to put in place a high level game plan with a detailed roadmap on implementing game-winning strategies. Our services’ offerings in blockchain look at the business problem at-hand holistically, and we work closely with our clients to leverage blockchain, IoT, machine learning, and big data in the most optimal manner.

Key Features and Functionality.

edge device
  • If you have an edge device, we can code, our platform can generate the firmware code in a number of different programming languages including C and Python.​
  • ​If you do not have an edge device and need to build one, we provide hardware design and development services.​
  • ​Over the Air firmware updates
  • ​Remote management of edge devices​
  • Healthcheck API for monitoring​
  • Edge device data encryption and secure element to prevent device spoofing

bidirectional mqtt communications

restful api communications​

netobjex platform
  • Support for multiple database engines including MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and SAP Data Hub to capture edge device data streams.​
  • Support for AI engines including SparkML, MachineBox, and more​
  • Rules engine for routing and decision making​
  • Flexible alerts, and notifications using email, SMS, Mobile Push​
  • Marketing features including advertising, surveys, beacon campaigns​
  • Support for remote actuation of edge devices​

blockchain interoperability​

distributed ledger
  • ethereum

  • iota

  • hyperledger

  • nem

  • others (stellar, helix, etc)​

  • Single seamless API for accessing multiple blockchains for adding and retrieving data​
  • Support for multiple distributed ledgers, including Ethereum, IOTA, Hyperledger and NEM, using one seamless API​
  • Pluggable decentralized identity schemes along with our native Universal Blockchain ID
  • DQL (Distributed ledger Query Language) for high level language support for managing distributed ledgers​
  • Support for IoToken native crypto- currency for interdevice transactions​


restful api communications​​

enterprise api communications​

mobile sdk
  • iOS and Android SDK support​
  • ​Browsa SmartBrowser iBeacon Support
  • ​BLE SDK support for integration with edge deivices
enterprise systems
  • jira

  • redmine

  • sugarcrm

  • sap data hub

  • civicrm

  • others (erp, crm, cms)​

  • Pluggable Enterprise systems integration ​
  • ​​Out of the box support for popular applications such as Jira, Redmine, SugarCRM, Jira​
  • ​​SAP Integration via Data Hub

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