NetObjex Technology.

Artificial Intelligence. Blockchain. Internet ot Things.

Developing Smart Products requires a sophisticated, yet easy to use and flexible operating environment in mind. The NetObjex platform has been built with these core tenets in mind. You will find our platform to be a rapid development and deployment platform where you can plug and play and be up and running within hours to days.
​The NetObjex Platform is feature rich enabling you to get up and running in no time. The learning curve is short, and your time to market fast. The system is flexible with your choice of big data repositories, ability to select among a choice of distributed ledgers, and support for pluggable identity management. In addition, we have a tokenization capability for those interested in integrating cryptocurrency into their systems.

Key Features and Functionality.

edge device
  • If you have an edge device, we can code, our platform can generate the firmware code in a number of different programming languages including C and Python.​

  • ​If you do not have an edge device and need to build one, we provide hardware design and development services.​

  • ​Over the Air firmware updates

  • ​Remote management of edge devices​

  • Healthcheck API for monitoring​

  • Edge device data encryption and secure element to prevent device spoofing



netobjex platform
  • Support for multiple database engines including MongoDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, and SAP Data Hub to capture edge device data streams.​

  • Support for AI engines including SparkML, MachineBox, and more​

  • Rules engine for routing and decision making​

  • Flexible alerts, and notifications using email, SMS, Mobile Push​

  • Marketing features including advertising, surveys, beacon campaigns

  • Support for remote actuation of edge devices​


distributed ledger
  • ethereum

  • iota

  • hyperledger

  • nem

  • others (stellar, helix, etc)​

  • Single seamless API for accessing multiple blockchains for adding and retrieving data​

  • Support for multiple distributed ledgers, including Ethereum, IOTA, Hyperledger and NEM, using one seamless API​

  • Pluggable decentralized identity schemes along with our native Universal Blockchain ID

  • DQL (Distributed ledger Query Language) for high level language support for managing distributed ledgers​

  • Support for IoToken native crypto- currency for interdevice transactions​


restful api

enterprise api communications​

mobile sdk
  • iOS and Android SDK support​

  • ​Browsa SmartBrowser iBeacon Support

  • ​BLE SDK support for integration with edge deivices

enterprise systems
  • jira

  • redmine

  • sugarcrm

  • sap data hub

  • civicrm

  • others (erp, crm, cms)​

  • Pluggable Enterprise systems integration ​

  • ​​Out of the box support for popular applications such as Jira, Redmine, SugarCRM, Jira​

  • ​​SAP Integration via Data Hub

Other Features.

Ad Campaign Management

Video Campaigns, Banner Campaigns Contextual Integration with Facial Recognition sensors.

Survey Management

Rich Media and Textual survey technology with dynamic routing for integration into devices with touchscreen panels e.g. Kiosks, Charging Stations and more. Used for Data Collection, Fundraising, Lead Generation and more.

Beacon Campaigns

Coupons and Offers
Rich Media Notifications
Social Media Notifications
Text Notifications
Image Notifications

Feed Management

Integration and Ingestion of Content from third party sources for use in Notifications.

Form Management

Forms used for integration into devices with touchscreen panels e.g. Kiosks, Charging Stations and more.

Location Triangulation

Using advanced triangulation algorithms to locate positions of assets, people, objects.

Proximity Marketing Campaigns

The NetObjex platform enables you to create stunning proximity campaigns rapidly. Create Notifications with 6 regions and multiple content types.

Intelligent Digital Signage

Launch smart digital signage that engages consumers like never before. Integrated with beacons and sensors for contextual and targeted campaigns.

Out of the Box Mobile App

Our Browsa Mobile App for Android and IOS surfs the physical and virtual worlds. Seamlessly interface and integrate the real and digital dimensions in ways never imaginable before.

Mobile SDK for Cobranding & White Labeling

With our rich mobile SDK, one can easily launch feature forward IoT applications in literally no time at all. Easy to use and fast to deploy.

Push Notifications

Engage customers through email, SMS and Mobile Push notifications.

Intelligent Geofencing

Create campaigns to target audiences with specific messages for better conversion. This is made possible.

Contextual Targeting

Based on user supplied data augmented with sensors e.g. facial recognition sensors, our solutions can target users to present contextually relevant content, ads and promotional material.

Smart Retargeting

We harness the power of Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics in providing customers with unique insights into their data. Pluggable dashboards with high fidelity widgets for an intense visual experience.

Customer Insights

We harness the power of Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics in providing customers with unique insights into their data. Pluggable dashboards with high fidelity widgets for an intense visual experience.

360 Degree Customer View

We offer the ability to append end user data with third party demographic/social media data. This helps to provide a 360 view on users like never before.

Advanced Beacon Management

Unparalleled ease and productivity are the hallmarks of the NetObjex IoT platform. Deploy your beacons individually or manage entire beacon fleets. Run multiple simultaneous time sliced campaigns with your beacons. Easy and effective.

Viral Marketing

Enable easy sharing of content and promotions to help amplify campaigns like never before.

Big Data Management

ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana support for collection, search, and visualization of data.

Data Append

Appending third party data e.g. Acxiom Create more complete dataset for Lead generation type IoT applications.

Mapping and Overlays

Integration with Google Maps for location and positioning in applications Sophisticated mapping overlays for IoT applications which are image-rich e.g. Drone.

Payload Viewers

Standard messaging payload viewers with hooks into MQTT topics.

Status Viewers

Customized Status Viewers with plug-in architecture for developing custom viewers for specific device types.


a standardized mechanism for smart devices globally to communicate with one another.

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The NetObjex team has been instrumental in helping Foleum implement a platform to which we were able to provide token offerings. The team's technical knowledge and responsiveness were pivotal in navigating various technical nuances during development. Foleum continues to look forward in our growth and relationship in our partnership with NetObjex for future endeavors.

Nicholas Ward
Foleum Chief Technology Officer

Working with NetObjex has been a exceptional experience, where they understood my IOT requirements and exceeded my expectations with high quality results.

Wayne Goldman
Founder/CEO of Real Prize Games

The NetObjex Smart Mobile Charging Stations are helping BPL provide a valuable service to our customers. Patrons have the peace of mind that their phones are secure while being charged, freeing them to explore the facilities at our libraries.

Donnell Perkins
Manager of Enterprise Applications at Brooklyn Public Library

The NetObjex team did a fantastic job converting my charging station to include their state-of-the-art marketing data capture technology. We will definitely be using their expertise on our future projects.

Hartley White
President, ChargeBar Inc.

NetObjex has been a trusted partner in assisting Aquai develop state-of-the-art IoT capabilities in the Smart Water Sensor domain.

Mike Enkerlin
CEO of Aquai

The Clinitraq Smart Dosimeter technology is built on the NetObjex IoT-Blockchain Platform. These technologies are poised to change the face of how medical care is administered globally and we are glad to be partnered with NetObjex.

Dr. Divakar Krishnareddy
Founder/Chief Medical Officer Clinitraq

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