Cloud Platform   


We offer a powerful method to easily manage your fleet of beacons through our IoT Content Management solution. We are device agnostic and one can purchase iBeacon compatible hardware from us or other entities and use our platform.

Campaign Manager

Our IoT CMS comes with industry leading campaign management capabilities. One can associate content – text, images, URLs, social media content and more to your beacons to engage consumers.

Device Registry

The Device Registry is a key component of the NetObjex cloud platform. One registers all devices – beacons, sensors and more in the Registry. The Registry supports different addressing schemes to identify devices. It also serves as a system of record for NetObjex’s IoT Search Engine.

Big Data / Analytics

Our platforms are used in collecting real time data through various sensors. This data is stored in the cloud, sliced/diced/analyzed to trigger real time action in enterprise systems, and or provide relevant reports and dashboards.

   Mobile Platform   


Our state of the art smartbrowser technology is truly one-of-a-kind. It enables users to surf the web in the virtual world, detect beacons in the physical world, and even do proximity peer to peer chatting.

Under the OEM model, these capabilities and more can be added to your apps.

iBeacon Aware

Our device platform makes your app iBeacon aware. You can turn your mobile device into a transmitter or receiver. Our technologies have passed certifications by Apple.

iOS & Android

We support both iOS and Android platforms thereby covering almost 90% of the market for smartphones


You can use our apps and technologies out of the box, or roll your own. We provide software development libraries for you to build your custom apps with embedded NetObjex capabilities.

   Device Platform   


Our line of beacons are industrial strength and conform to iBeacon standards. We have enhanced our beacons for better range, storage and connectivity.


We work with a wide variety of sensors including flow, level, force, motion, distance, temperature, sound and more. We communicate with these sensors using wired and wireless protocols.

Multi Protocol Gateway

The MultiProtocol Gateway serves as a conduit for communication between remote devices (sensors and beacons) and our Cloud Platform. On the device end, we support ZigBee, ZWave, BLE, BT and UWB. On the cloud end, we support HTTP, MQTT and more.

Fog Computing Support

We provide fog computing support by enabling smarter edge devices complete with synchronization for the cloud, localized storage, and the ability to broadcast notifications while handling content downloads.