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The Best Beacon Technology Solution for Retail

Created on May 19, 2015

Beacon technology has many applications across a variety of industries. This emerging technology is gaining the most traction in retail marketing. There are a variety of ways to utilize beacons in retail. Retailers around the world are implementing beacon systems in their stores to increase engagement and learn more about their customers.

The rise in beacons is accompanied by a variety of offerings catering to the retail industry. Many of these offerings are proprietary and therefore have limitations. NetObjex provides industry-leading solutions that truly provide overall management of beacons in retail.

Point & Click

NetObjex enables Retailers to purchase any company’s beacons (ours or others’), and manage them from our web based admin panel. Simply point and click and associate them with content such as coupons, notifications, videos and more. No more coding and no complex SDKs – just a simple, easy and fast setup.

Campaigns and Analytics

In retail, it’s all about improving sales, measuring what merchandising is moving, the efficacy of various sales campaigns, the performance of certain stores, and so on. We realize this. Our management team has extensive retail expertise and this reflects in our products. Our administration panel enables marketers to easily schedule campaigns and track analytics on those campaigns – providing management with deep insights into consumer behaviors and actions.

Remote Fleet Management of Beacons

We enable Retailers to manage their beacons through our Browsa App. Simply log in through the app to see beacon details and even set beacons to lost or found. One can also set beacons to Power Save mode to conserve energy during off-peak hours. With this added convenience, beacon management can take place anywhere and at any time.

Free Consumer Companion App

Most proprietary solutions require a custom app, which can either be commissioned from the beacon provider or developed by the retailer. This causes friction on the consumer end, because most consumers are reluctant to download an app per each retailer they visit. Retailers interested in implementing beacons can choose from a limited variety of expensive proprietary solutions to provide their customers with a mobile app in order to access beacon content and benefits. Either option requires a good amount of time and money before a Beta version can even be produced.

The NetObjex Browsa mobile app is a second-generation Internet browser. It enables consumers to surf the Web, surf the Internet of Things and surf socially. It is the first such technology to have the capability to turn the tide on “showrooming,” which robs retailers millions of dollars in sales annually. Browsa is available free on Android and iOS. End-users can use the app to browse beacon content just like browsing websites, which the app can also do.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our beacons come with standard Bluetooth Low Energy technology, able to run for up to 2 years on a single cell battery. NetObjex beacons also allow for A/C power connection so individual beacons can run indefinitely. We also offer antennas for longer range and remote control of our beacons. NetObjex beacons have built-in self-identification signals to simplify management of the devices when installed high up on a rack or mounted on the ceiling. We are also unique in that we offer Retailers the option of Sensor-to-Beacon feedback loops. Our longstanding experience in IoT and development of both sensors and beacons sets us apart. These are some of the practical, operational functionality unique to NetObjex IoT technology.

Custom Enclosures

We work closely with our Retail partners to create customized enclosures with their branding or design preferences. This enables retailers to fit our technologies within their Store design and decorum. We believe both form and function are critical to the deployment of IoT technologies in the Retail space so that they meld in within the surroundings easily.

Already Committed to a Proprietary Beacon Technology Solution?

Maybe you’ve tried your luck with another beacon provider but found their proprietary management platform to be difficult to use and restrictive. You’ve already invested in the beacon hardware so your options seem limited. NetObjex works with all beacons, from any vendor. Switch to NetObjex and enjoy the benefits of our intuitive Point & Click admin panel, superior campaigns and analytics, remote fleet management and more.

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