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The Enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT)

The Enterprise and Internet of Things (IoT) Created on October 6, 2015

IoT or Internet of Things is upon us. IoT or Internet of Things consists of smart connected devices that emit data, collect data, and provide real-time analytics. Enterprises have taken steps to understanding IoT. IoT is still in its embryonic stage and companies are considering whether to invest in this new technology.

The Internet of Things is a multi-pronged technology that can consist of Firmware, Communications, Administration Panels, Hardware, and/or Business Intelligence Dashboards.

Most Enterprise IT companies are overloaded with projects and seek one comprehensive platform. This platform combines the pertinent IoT components in a single offering that provide adapters to connect with their existing IT systems.

Enterprise IT departments can develop numerous applications using IoT? Although the list is abundant, the following can give one an idea of what the opportunities really are. They include Asset Tracking where a warehouse filled with expensive goods on pallets can tag each pallet with an active tag e.g. RFID or UWB and transmit the location of each pallet periodically. This can help reduce the chances of theft.

Another application is Mapping where a theme park, for example, desires an application that informs consumers their location in the park using UWB positioning systems or beacons.

NetObjex, an IoT platform company, enables Enterprise IT organizations to develop and deploy full-fledged IoT solutions quickly. These platforms offer a number of interesting capabilities, including APIs, Analytics, Communications, Marketing, Enterprise Gateway, Rules & Notifications, and devices Registration.

Internet of Things promises to revolutionize the business landscape soon. This phenomena will force Enterprise IT departments to invest in Enterprise grade IoT platforms, like NetObjex, sooner rather than later.

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