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Top 5 Internet of Things Trends To Expect In 2019 And Beyond

Created on January 3, 2019

Internet of Things is creating a robust environment of convergence in our world. This has indeed brought a paradigm shift in our personal as well as professional life. IoT, as a connected environment, add customer loyalty and value. Today, the presence of the Internet of Things can be felt everywhere from smart cities to manufacturing, and from supply chain & logistics to home automation.

The industry is expecting some emerging trends that will possibly set the trajectory of the Internet of Things in 2019 and beyond.

Here are some of the top 5 Internet of Things trends for you to keep an eye in 2019 and beyond.

Top IoT Trends For 2019

Falling Costs For Mobile Connectivity

The rapid levitation of smartphones was critical to the success and popularity of the Internet of Things. The arrival of new market players and falling costs for camera sensors, mobile connectivity, and navigation chips have made IoT devices highly affordable. On the sour note, connecting users to the Internet of Things till now has been primarily carried through desktop apps that had left mobile users unable to tap into data.

Last year, access to the networks of the Internet of Things from mobile devices saw a significant rise and this positive trend is likely to accelerate this year. It will mean that more IoT data will be in the hands of more employees. This also means that employees and the end users can expect their existing roles to expand with easier and simplified access to data.

Tighter Industry Regulation

Every exciting technology is received with so much fanfare and the IoT is no exception. The low regulation levels that are so commonly associated with the technology sector mean it is easy to emphasize almost exclusively on innovation. However, the IoT segment has experienced a number of concerns.

In 2019, regulatory and legislature entities are likely to propose and enforce strict and comprehensive regulations. In particular, users and vendors should be careful about regulations pertaining to the collection, retention, and security of user data. However, storing sensitive user data is likely to be strictly regulated because of the perceived state of poor security as of now.

The perceived positive or negative outcome of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is likely to have an impact on how regulations will affect the Internet of Things in the times to come.

Smart Consumer Devices

The staggering success of digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa throughout 2018 have suggested that it loud and clear that smart devices are here to stay. It is estimated by market experts and critics that strong growth is extremely likely among consumer-focusing IoT devices of different natures and all shapes and sizes. Smart products and devices are already simplifying our home lives and the addition of some new sets of smart technology will surely make them more useful and relevant.

Strict Security

Enterprises are more likely than ever to emphasize heavily on security as the already low-priced IoT devices are expected to become even more affordable. Last year, a lot of high-profile data breaches happened and that exposed security risks of the IoT devices. Today, it is becoming clearer and more critical for companies to emphasize upon security. It is widely expected that improved software patching will become the all-important component of IoT offerings throughout this year and the future.

More Emphasis On Artificial Intelligence

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is the primary ingredient for making sense of the huge amounts of collected data these days. The easiest way to implement AI is to seek the customizable, professional, seamless, and state-of-the-art products and solutions of Cloud and Edge operators.

Today, Edge devices are becoming the staples of typical IoT installations. This is simply due to the fact that they lead to better responsiveness and more efficient operations. Moreover, users today are appreciating the concept of experimenting with hybridized approaches to IoT technologies. This year, users are expecting a lot of significant technological advancements to enables these and more IoT paradigms. Interestingly, a big majority of organizations have already started to build out their own networks thanks to the low cost of IoT infrastructure and devices.

It will be surely wrong to term the IoT as the technology of the future as it is actually the technology of the present! In 2019 and beyond, the evolution of the Internet of Things will be more focused on technologies that make better and smart use of the collected data and less focused on the core IoT technologies.

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