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A visually enchanting journey into platforms, demonstrations, and talks from the NetObjex team.

Covid PreAuth | Hotel Use Case

GemIdentity - A Global Registry for Precious Gems

COVID PreAuth - Restart your Life-Get Back to Work

Anti Counterfeiting Tech Solution for Automotive Goods Manufacturers

Global Registry on Blockchain for Luxury Goods

'Sea to Spoon' A state of the Art for Seafood Traceability

Sustainability Solution using Blockchain and IoT Technologies

Role of Parametric Contracts in the Machine to Machine Economy

Module 2 Round Up Video March 2021

NetObjex Platform use case : Truck Tracking

What is NetObjex digital twin platform?

COVID PreAuth, get back to work safely!

PreCheck Scan - PCR

Work PreCheck

PreCheck Scan - Customer

NetObjex Matrix Platform Pitch Video

CityServices Demo

Netobjex Advantage Partner Program

Fish 2.0 Food Traceability

NetObjex Smart Energy Platform

DQL Support for Ethereum Blockchain

DQL Support for Stellar Blockchain

DQL Support for IOTA Ledger

DQL Support for NEM Blockchain

DQL Support for Hyperledger Blockchain

NetObjex PiQube Product Video

NetObjex Admin Panel - Real Time Location Services

NetObjex Admin Panel - Mapping

NetObjex Integration with SAP Vora

Smart Dosimeter: Clinitraq Product Video for Smart Dosimeter

Distributed Ledger: Cold Chain Monitoring

Distributed Ledger: Data Aggregation for Insurance

Distributed Ledger: Asset Tracing using Distributed Ledger/Blockchain Search


NetObjex Smart Charging Station

NetObjex Digital Asset Management

NetObjex Digital Operating Platform for Smart Products

Buying com - ECommerce Reinvented

NetObjex Founder Video

NetObjex Admin Panel - Asset Management

NetObjex Car Dealership RTLS Solution

NetObjex Tabletop Smart Mobile Charger Demo

Southern Westchester Music Festival using Charging Stations powered by NetObjex IOT Platform

PowerObjex Tabletop SmartCharger Powered by NetObjex

NetObjex at Accenture Open Innovation 2

NetObjex at Accenture Open Innovation 1

NetObjex at Accenture Open Innovation 3


DCMotor IoT Video Demo using NetObjex IoT Platform

Covid PreAuth | Hotel Use Case